I changed my original theme because of Brexit, with the incessant ignorance which not lonely Followed  me But has seem to have permeated every strand of society. It has cost me more than the change of theme from love in one way or another or the models i created after all the deadlines. Mi luv yu bad when the seeds of Brexit showed no love but to the converted.

First cost which could have been delayed see post on Rows

Polyamide rows

Second  see that has cost me again better be worth it that all I am saying.

Two has hoops one has colour, some for the seeing some for those that can’t. And before this new deadline..,,

Another shape. Which I believe suit traditional and Additive Manufacturing.

A compromise available in UK and elsewhere.

And where am I saying this was on another cost that I have already spoken about. No disrespect this time. Part of me wants to say bah humbug to it all. Past and present.

Maybe I should have spent the money on home stuff eh? That’s new



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