Can’t say this was intended,  putting these items together I mean. They still have material at there hearts. You would not believe that I stopped doing the hearts things because the glass popped off, also the scribble of white that can’t be read probably said mi luv yu bad, was pushing it every day seems one day closer to conflict A Facebook post from a … Continue reading Hoopla

A letter

The unpurloined letter One of the first case studies when learning Psychoanalysis was  the purloined letter. Something that was in full view yet due to certain conditionings was seen yet not touched. A myriad of reasons as to why. Safe to say a letter written and placed in an unsealed envelope has not been treated in the same way. Even though the fate of that … Continue reading A letter

On an experience in particular

I was in one particular seminar that introduced a concept that although new to me was not a influence although the use of lived made an impact. Not to totally ignore their workings and also the now on obvious disrupting influence beyond me that seems to have permeated the country in terms of politics. Maybe it was there before any imagery and because of imagery … Continue reading On an experience in particular