tea leaves left in a mug which relates back to my old college days. Posted in a shot of tale of two halves.

Dont think I even had the shot after all that. Due to the changes between what content management platforms provide their content as, now it is just a viewing platform. That page on this blog is no longer, like some of the content that was once there too.

Also the day of the queens speech. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like at this time changes are happening that truly unsettling i saw the phrase guillotine in something quite recent and due to brexit. I wonder if it was there before brexit.

The premise that was used as an education tool  referred to much much older texts not to find the truth as that was erased. More about traces.   It the word guillotine was not alone. It is not the rules of law and order that is unregulated as troubling as a anything else unregulated? And the the regulators they are unquestionable? And the other-side that is much better obviously get rid. Oh I was filling a census also am I the same … as I was when I born…, what British, English,Caribbean, Black, mixed heritage.., but my potential donated whatever is from a ..?

I wonder if the weighing of the heart was mystery after all? And No I don’t read tea leaves.

Let me check if it the picture is in my library of images…….


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