A letter

The unpurloined letter

One of the first case studies when learning Psychoanalysis was  the purloined letter. Something that was in full view yet due to certain conditionings was seen yet not touched. A myriad of reasons as to why.

Safe to say a letter written and placed in an unsealed envelope has not been treated in the same way. Even though the fate of that letter would indeed be witnessed before the intended it was written. What is not in keeping with the case study was the etiquette of the observers to recognise why it was not to be touched.

If only in foresight I would have written it to be stolen before it even reached its intended destination I would have added some other words to make them recognise what they were doing and not doing. You wouldn’t believe it was taken from a place where one lives alone yet they did not take it. Like many things

You can tell by the actions why they would not dare enter into the arena of psychoanalysis for fear of a truth not only unrecognised but actively avoided. Never-mind an acknowledgement of why thre subject came into being or the purpose it may or may not serve.

Mind your own business doesn’t quite cut it.

Might have understood now why when experiencing something different a speaker in her wisdom advised me to go it alone. It just be my new surroundings but to be honest it was occurring in my last place too. Draw some connections or just let it be…….?

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