These did not get printed out, when first conceived it was about placing on cards.  It did not happen but It was just flat full colour printing. It still could but….



I did have cause to try and redo recently because of the reminder of what I had been through. In regards to most of the imagery around that time of 2017 ish.

Two words so

I was about to write all kinds of  printing ready but I think I might just have to check that one!

star not included I did have an image with a sunrise in the background on custom prints -images at one time. It might be in a post or even still be in a google server somewhere

Screenshots, shapes and images and of course a little colour


I remember sending of an email Or two back then

Ps. Checked maybe but will need a little more digital love than I possess as yet2AB32D55-CEF6-493B-9DA6-7CDEC4D4C08E.jpeg

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