Voids 2

Perspective may pertain to these trace shots. It’s that should have left in the tub moment. But you might just make out an angle within the leaf The rest of tub went on this. To those who ask why the pizza references it has a story that relates to very beginning. Not sure if it will continue but there you go. On another note fellow … Continue reading Voids 2


I mentioned that I listened to a podcast in an earlier post I did hear that a process was brittle  I can not say for definite if this relates however  after the the second cast it’s a make do and mend job and to be honest I don’t know if that is what is in store if ignorance reigns. Just to make it proper food … Continue reading Brittle


A recent event I was unable to attend I listened to a few podcasts. They mentioned among other things names and dates that I could remember like 90’s 80’s, car plants and materials, even universities.I know that those machines in question never passed my eyes. That was in the UK too. Why not? Ok I don’t have the resources of the likes of those companies. … Continue reading Listening