On recent experiences

Those who follow my pursuits will know that I have tried to make my creations more real to everyone. In such a way as to navigate the pitfalls of most creatives. Having travelled down the mass production route for hexatrigon I ended up with silicone moulds.

That journey taught me of undercuts and their hindrance to cnc milling and such. At the same time the general uses of what I called made to aid as the only thing I had conceived it as a tool. Left me thinking have a made a big blunder.

it is funny that I did not think of the shape  as something other than that. The transition of image to real was trying to say the least especially when printing will never be the same for me again.

That aside I would just like to post this image to raise the point of investigating whether there is any benefit in thinking in this way. To try and deduced its feasibility.

From just looking


From some perspectives there will undoubtedly be errors, for some professions/ application  there would be opportunities.

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