Woke up

Thanks to the wonders of my hardware. What did it do? It wiped my fixed internal ssd drive, to the point where it does not even show up when I try to reinstall disk operator from the net.

Get ..:::::::

I had booked marked a page for disrupting technology awards which is what I last thing I remembered loading before coming back to a OS less machine.

I would have sworn but…….:!!! Can I find that award that opened on the 25th July in uk  anywhere else.

Holding people down: back or am I being conspicuous!!!

Truth is, whether I believe in conspiracies or not, my drive is no longer. Backup was started but not completed. So again I am where I was Year’s ago. Relying on the same set of  drives one exactly as it came out of my last trusted machine with a few more files! The other with a very old os that came with another trusted machine now long gone. which has more space than my internal and external combined almost empty!! What is it life is trying to tell me , give up?



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