New insights

After watching Blacksmith at work, not only does the relevance of the original blacksmiths makes sense of the last centuries, These advances and not just by my namesake offer how the next centuries can makes sense.


Agreed terminator and movies like that set out a world where machines are the enemy. Not everyone thinks like that.

And even if I don’t quite like speaking to ai in my devices it is clear that sensors,lasers, and engineering/ manufacturing machines that learns from its printed defects or sizing issues derived from metal and heat. Make some knowledge transfer able but not all.

My wonder, is this position the new benchmark of progress? I have vague recollection of less is more. Less errors is what this machine  learning is geared up to be.

I really don’t know the practicality of machine learning more metal hexagrigons however those machines that have already made them may well be benefitting from  that way of learning also..

It is no joking matter even if people think I am.

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