How how many times counts as enough

I have had apple handsets that by their own accord decide when it want me to have signal then remains permanently  in searching mode. Handset 1

Handset 2

The only saving grace in one instance is it has WiFi calling but hang on I don’t have WiFi

And my device that can read all my valid sims with enough data to suffice can’t receive calls when they do have signal.

Handset 3 to be determined…

What decision would you choose to move forward?

or like brexit just go through a series of  uncoordinated events And then go intermittently offline.

i often get presented with adverts saying play badlands by demon games. ( which I have not played) I stopped playing video games a long time ago. Last so called game man I knew from coding thought angry birds would not catch on and I introduced him to it.




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