what’s that Jim?

I have just tried to watch a youtube documentary from the RI in which a man called Jim Baggott was giving a talk in May. And actually watched the ads which made think about the youngsters that maybe the one to experience space for real.Before the usual technical hinderances, I have spoken about several times on this site happened.

A thought occurred to me on the possible shape/model of what I believe is space time. It seemed clear from the little I was able to watch from his talk is what gave me the idea. I must again state I am no scientist however I can see and mostly try to comprehend, theory at least.

My only relative connection to him, the talk, and I is in the above picture that when I first posted it was called ‘whats that Jim’ but in regards to Spock in star trek.

My thought by my loose reckoning might be evident when ripples are created in water by a stone, albeit only divergence /convergence repetitions of its (the shapes) surface. That is speculation.

I will not state it but be reassured I am serious. I also do not know the consequences in just blurting it out. My last serious conversation in regards physics had me me reading some serious deep books. Had me lost between light, sound, water, just waves in general. Admittedly  I was drawn towards the theoretical possibilities of invisibility 😂 that got dropped obviously! Too much crossed information in regards seeing / looking / observation etc.

To be replaced with something with a bit more substance. Hence blue sky thinking which kept me in that less imaginary box, so to speak…..  Shame is due to upcoming global trade issues/ costs the more significant pieces are singular(ities)

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