Winston Jennings

Thanks. Tech trouble I have joined in order to download. Tried again and would not let me. My contact with the community of engineers and designers in relation to what I downloaded is very much lacking. And the file was to use aa a proof of concept which was stated when I downloaded it was for personal use. Saying that I would like to use … Continue reading Winston Jennings

How’s about

The fastest production car project xe  May 19  cracked its own record around the track, a youtube video, a download from the net and me?   Thinking outside the box but trying to decide where and what material to produce? Obviously not to cause too much drama. Chance download and contact made P.S I am stumbling and have been from the start Continue reading How’s about

Powdered materials

With heat/ sintering and knowledge of additive manufacturing, Madness? I would hope that like climate change its not too late, if you believe in that sort of thing. Question could metal be infused with some thing along the lines of  4d printing that is better place to not buckle under the heat? Blue sky thinking with no shape in mind! Suppose that engineering. No more … Continue reading Powdered materials

New insights

After watching Blacksmith at work, not only does the relevance of the original blacksmiths makes sense of the last centuries, These advances and not just by my namesake offer how the next centuries can makes sense. Blacksmith Agreed terminator and movies like that set out a world where machines are the enemy. Not everyone thinks like that. And even if I don’t quite like speaking … Continue reading New insights

How how many times counts as enough

I have had apple handsets that by their own accord decide when it want me to have signal then remains permanently  in searching mode. Handset 1 Handset 2 The only saving grace in one instance is it has WiFi calling but hang on I don’t have WiFi And my device that can read all my valid sims with enough data to suffice can’t receive calls … Continue reading How how many times counts as enough

what’s that Jim?

I have just tried to watch a youtube documentary from the RI in which a man called Jim Baggott was giving a talk in May. And actually watched the ads which made think about the youngsters that maybe the one to experience space for real.Before the usual technical hinderances, I have spoken about several times on this site happened. A thought occurred to me on … Continue reading what’s that Jim?