Is it because

I have never 3d printed anything in multicolour before, I have multi-jet fusion.
A recent post drew attention the scale that baffled me, but not to the point of pushing the issue as in reality it covers much ground.

However the format needed was different to that of previous printing and what that difference was the values for colour. It could be in the preferences for those values that made the difference.

Anyway the difference between the two formats in the end run prints will be:- the front and side views.

In Addition,

Since the multi-jet version, when i was asked if i was to print the regular way, on to the surface how would it work? Had no viable answer. i could and did speculate. It never happened.

However the silicone /rubber cast as support and not as product now make something like that possible on same level.

That just occurred to me. Might work for you also?C6A5DC47-EFDF-4033-BD4C-4A5B797BD068

But this silicone mould is food safe so that is not happening with this but do you get the drift?


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