Sin cere

I have not made the best decisions on some matters. Partly due to people not doing what they said they would do. That seems to be the order of the day and the biggest are those that either already have the funding or have many resources. Playing the long game?

While waiting for the pickings and claiming all kinds.

After all those decisions i make no qualms in saying that irrelevant of the going on’s since. When I mention first it quite specific. Because in this way they were.

Then no doubt at a later what will arise will be which of the first was my favourite. Don’t people ever learn?

What was the very first geometric shape that was not flat? Who made that? where did the inspiration come from? Who benefitted? who is still milking it dry????

I hate to admit it but I can’t at this moment But will if I can.

I have no .blog domain because I could not see what it was for?(my bad!) but have a domain? And i have a domain with a so so blog (not related? or populated. I chose because of the so-called replacement to photos(less said) that i will get more use from the email

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