This morn

I do not set out to make myself somewhat disagreeable, however, a message i received made me actually reconsider what i had actually done. On second glance my initial response I was unable to send, format not words. When I could respond I rewrote my response several times. Not because what was said was untrue it was just a case of realising my own mistakes. Ironically the initial complaint was in regards to something I previously deleted and what I replaced it with was the problem.

the structures of saving face are so complicated,

But I do honestly missed the days when you know what it is you are dealing with beforehand. I guess that is the curse of learning something different, and not trying to blame something on something else without seeing the common traits.

common traits and mistakes (the words are the wrong way around seems to always happen with this model exported as .obj’s)

For amended version see below and many thanks to Maurice for accommodating my mistakes

One print leads to another- A journey to Hexatrigon

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