A lesson for me

I tried to put colour in the blind alley concept with the shape Hexatrigon.

I did at one stage ask for a sponsor to aid the manifestation, none materialised so I did it myself. Unfortunately what I thought could happen after racking my brain for some time, was halted by my request.  Only what I was told made me think twice. I was told that one of my models was grey. Which might actually work well.

I don’t know which one, The white or the black. I own up to not really knowing as it could be due the tools I am using or just problems with the file format. That allowed me to see exported colour in a non-photo based program. That was not my own. Also twisted the model automatically that must be a production condition to aid the print or the way i orientated the shape in export.  But it was me who is responsible for the halt!

Am I tripping in adding colour to something that ultimately is for those who don’t see or don’t see well? 4C404BDE-D58F-4311-945B-A9775C4BD2DA

It could be that visual background I can’t seem to shake off completely:

screen shot but I couldn’t help it

I know for a fact it can be produced in one colour because every print I have ever had produced barred one is it’s the default colour, although that was more about different production methods/ models than anything else.

And still will, it’s just………

http://www.customprints-images.co.uk started it!

PS. I know which one it is now. And an old issue rises its head. Between screen and print. With my perspective that left the page, foolishly thought i may have left that behind.circles! It is however multicolour 3d printing so i should have known!!

Any thoughts on which visual direction I might go?


That does not mean the UK made versions cant be post production changed but would rather it had a more meaningful  purpose if it did, don’t you think?

colour variant maybe but its properties should be clear to see

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