Is it because

I have never 3d printed anything in multicolour before, I have multi-jet fusion. A recent post drew attention the scale that baffled me, but not to the point of pushing the issue as in reality it covers much ground. However the format needed was different to that of previous printing and what that difference was the values for colour. It could be in the preferences … Continue reading Is it because

The ….. is not for turning…

Here for now.Alas When the words that are uttered are exactly the same as another but the wealthier/ ….the speaker the more it is heard? I am not calling this blue sky thinking although it is. Finding some common ground might be required! Not everything is know to me about it like internal spacial ,properties etc.  Material science is a world all of its own … Continue reading The ….. is not for turning…

This morn

I do not set out to make myself somewhat disagreeable, however, a message i received made me actually reconsider what i had actually done. On second glance my initial response I was unable to send, format not words. When I could respond I rewrote my response several times. Not because what was said was untrue it was just a case of realising my own mistakes. … Continue reading This morn


I managed to get a model of my shape interactive on screen or at least a screen that others can interact with! Vrm 360 3D Model Viewer!!! No spin, No gif but rotate on the x,y,z axis, excuse me if terms are incorrect Check it out offset to encourage 3d interaction:–) powered by… but have to proud of   is someone having a laugh … Continue reading Finally