Poly Ticks

We flip is now a more than a utility question. If the need to jump on a bandwagon that naturally flips towards the wind changes that suits in order to hold a position, gains ground in order to affect the rule of the main parties that are not even sticking to their own rules. Change is now more than the money in your possession which was how I used to use the word. Brexit is now a party that was the cause of a spilt of its own making, but no one voted for that party in order to carry it out.

I am in no position to make a change in the political arena however,

How would evoke and make changes to everything, suit?

Everybody seems to be using the divorce analogy in order to draw comparisons. Remind me how old that act is? Also who actually wins in a divorce?
Not to mention that what ever the results of the eu elections the EU wont acknowledge the results as it is not a legal construct. Which if i am not mistaken was parliament. Who must have played a role in letting those powers go somewhere else anyway……..

Speaking from a domain that is part (in name only) of a separate legal entity that has never traded.


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