Clear for…

Take off.,       Sorta® Clear series silicone from Samos® watershed XC resin. Not forgetting a single cast of revised and original aluminium Blue sky thinking I can tell you one thing about the larger mould it weighs a fair bit. Any guesses for how much?⚖️ Not quite as much as trial allowed but did well for the virgin run. Continue reading Clear for…

Don’t peers

The purloined package A box bought online and sent from the furthest borders of the EU. Somewhere in transit the original tape a clear indication of the parcel not being disturbed was not even torn it was clearly removed. Where did this occur? In the land of free movement of goods, people and services? Or on entry into the UK? At the border, at the … Continue reading Don’t peers

Poly Ticks

We flip is now a more than a utility question. If the need to jump on a bandwagon that naturally flips towards the wind changes that suits in order to hold a position, gains ground in order to affect the rule of the main parties that are not even sticking to their own rules. Change is now more than the money in your possession which … Continue reading Poly Ticks

Made to in full

Those that have seen my browser icon over the months would have noticed it has changed a little over time.not to mention logo and such. It does have relevance because nothing was revealed in full. First it was a photograph “Early one morning”, at that stage pixels. Then it was the same picture seen through an aperture of made to aid blank showing a print … Continue reading Made to in full

Not found, yet living through it….

I have been taught that the two individual concepts have meaning in the sense of conveying a message. Even if that meaning is fleeting/ changeable. Although not created to become fake news it seem almost plausible when listening to the real news before or after you know who   citizen of some place, nowhere, where democracy is dead yet democracies spoke of lies. Pied piper … Continue reading Not found, yet living through it….