Who to blame?

When one company won’t fix a manufacturing repair outside its warranty. And it is left for over six months because it could not be repaired. Then after those six months a place is found a repair is made, no problems with phone until

1) it and other non related phones go missing!

Then whether it was through the repair that fixed it  or when it went missing a knock to the phone andF1A39ECB-028D-4D1A-972B-20658D46A072.jpeg

Did I take out the screws? No. Did I break the screen? No. Is there water damage? No. Has it got the latest operating system? Yes. Does it turn on? No!

2) Because of a history of experiences where by looking after ones purchase holds no value and sims cards had to be bought to mitigate handset problems not to mention cloud service issues A new phone was purchased that can’t be repair because a SIM card was stuck in phone and is in warranty but…,,, it will cost blah blah blah

Get another one because between


There is not 50 shades of grey…

Let me find some cats to look at maybe that may make me feel better or just repeat the above experiences and expect something different?

Real yet not real and is not about a box
Shot on the phone without sim 

i wonder if they are still connecting people

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