How to reconcile?

The conundrum of polarities is almost as set time itself. One can only really tell if it’s day when the light in the sky shines all by itself as night is more about reflections. The wonder is that some lights in sky at night are a world or two away.

Trouble for me is that I appreciate both, pondering aside the business of three is more combined with a sense of partial discrepancies.

For instance where is 1.5 in the process of polarities. The . Is nether one or the other. It is half of three. But if three individual objects exist that are not the same the divisions don’t make as much sense.

Some where in the middle is not about precision if the measurements are not set.

I have a set form, strange as it is, The differences apart for its materials/ production is something  else.

Three is a magic number it is said

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