Who to blame?

When one company won’t fix a manufacturing repair outside its warranty. And it is left for over six months because it could not be repaired. Then after those six months a place is found a repair is made, no problems with phone until 1) it and other non related phones go missing! Then whether it was through the repair that fixed it  or when it … Continue reading Who to blame?

How to reconcile?

The conundrum of polarities is almost as set time itself. One can only really tell if it’s day when the light in the sky shines all by itself as night is more about reflections. The wonder is that some lights in sky at night are a world or two away. Trouble for me is that I appreciate both, pondering aside the business of three is … Continue reading How to reconcile?

for mi namesake …..

I wonder if me or my has ever been so important in terms of conveying a message. For me presenting a different perspective it has never been so prevalent or relevant, iMac, iPhone, iPad no matter how personal its customisation is still a product of mass production. What is 3d printing and for the information police the link is not where is was produced. Either way … Continue reading for mi namesake …..