Do you believe

screenshot of below image from a different view but this is a image of a model.

When I used to watch Star Trek, Star Wars galaxy quest etc. The future seemed so far away it never occurred to me naively, that had to be reasonable as space seemed like it was plausible. But the future is made for the living.. I have only provided a little imagery here which although plausible is not actual but that is not because it can not be. A Screenshot but my fantastical reading is in need of a force field and a transporter. That could make the gateway somewhere in a desert landscape of some distant world plausible. It could be in use now to rectify the idea of free movement without borders and you might even get the sound when the electrified doors close behind you. Rather than the idea of  electrified fences.

It causes me real concern that discourses that have been translated into English teach of a need by both associated parties that a particular rewriting is essentially fundamental until something more palatable is established with the hope that the time spent would have revealed much work<  to ensure some sense of doom is avoided for the children if nothing else. Providing that there are some around who care.

My own sense of urgency for the survival of what is my own journey and psyche with or without symptoms is in the above imagery (One view of at least) however no fantasy is present except the background which is my desktop. This cannot be said for the image below which is an image, cut, copied, pasted, reduced and repeated in place, prior to the screenshot.

another view image only of above screenshot

It is one thing being all language/speech based maybe this geometric form may help. It has some historical characteristic geometrically but not written history except than what i have created to expose the form in tts various versions.




items removed from original cut and pasted image with different background

And without wanting destroy, it is only 2d onscreen. It started off from the beginning as something you could hold, even if it was fragile.(paper)

This product of my lived experience is not historical, no disrespect intended! a signifier of what, i do not know…….


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