In the question of only talking about your own experience with the ignorance of the tools of expression having no influence I refer you to an author who when searching for a more insightful perspective was informative and the mere mention of his name ‘Franz Fanon’ led me to the experience where the concept of ‘lived experience’ was introduced yet did not offer the insight … Continue reading Experience?

Because the something let me down

Listening to lbc this morning and hearing how life long politicians who have invested far more than me in their beliefs, stating their dismay at the political system. And also hearing the responses it is clear that however I may have felt about this country in my own doings may well have to stay in the realm of the virtual. As stated clearing in regular … Continue reading Because the something let me down

Who is trying to prove to who?

i have found myself in a position where, that what is left somewhere as that is where it belongs, mysterious hands purporting to be ghosts or fairies find it necessary to take things that clearly do not belong to them and then leave no trace like a dodgy thieve or the one who deviousness has much more sinister motives. Because someone does not think like … Continue reading Who is trying to prove to who?