beyond Me

When I created the form called Hexatrigon without the aid of anyone, (that is not correct i used some wood filler to create the best edges in balsa wood, Surprised it stayed in piece after the dramas i went through). I also created the digital versions which without some export preferences that were overcome. In the only material possible to me at the time, No regrets.  After sending my form to many printing places that talked but never replied!!!!!

Then finding out all places needed  the .stl or some other digital output before a price raised concerns about intellectual property. But how could that be avoided? Then in a bid to get some protection,  what was required needs to have some specific requirements in regard to colour or material. Then attempting to get something similar via the EU requires digital object only which by default was already handed out to several networked 3d printing agencies for quotation purposes. In different places within and without the EU.

What annoys beyond the joke that people want to dance around like it was a joke. If Britain was a player in the EU and no doubt contributed the laws?,  that now seem contradictory in comparison.

I started to try and engage with the multiplicity of what some call society with recognising how things influence other things. Where would the form that was strange to everyone that had witness to see but due to their objective did not question just printed it, be?  I can tell you one thing it would have some the bumps from the supports, the lines from the printing process and not printed in metal. But cast with those faults that if repaired any further would alter the shape.

In trying to get the best representation I have two versions that are without fault that can be cast in that way. That by default are grey!!!!!!!! So are all the different metal versions. Which community in the eu should get the credit for helping me? The one that printed the first solid version, the company that managed to prints another version, then another that improved on the second. and then then one that without question printed others.??? All before any protection as it did not exist for viewing anywhere apart from my computer before the export that had issues that was solved to print.

All of these are outputs!! The inputs for protection here require secondary means. The inputs in the EU community registration are inputs of those outputs, which would not be anything but cardboard. If i did not try. something different.

test array ribbon
hexatrigon model and its relative dimensions in virtual/ real space
first and only physical print in Titanium Satin finish

Which is of importance? The physical or the non physical, as so much of what i done could be called a product of a Zeitgeist, some may call it something else. All i know is that without wanting step on any toes and being almost delusional in a protective stance. What some see as important has already been divulged, and what some see as important is to others something else secondary. I created it in the UK/GB when it was only just in the EU. But there was no benefit in working with them???

Where should i go just find some, ‘this makes sense’?  Maybe i have to pay more than i have to get it,

The Euler Characteristic
image from story of mathematics website

The geometric shape I call Hexatrigon?  characteristics, V=12 E=21 F=11


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