Not funny or clever

when I used my visual arts to inform my consciousness I had to use other people’s knowledge to inform my own. At that time what I discussed was had a premise that although long established had its faults. However time has past and now if those words that when compiled said something is it my fault that back then before I moved on, people used my work to inform their work or knowledge in an aim to what? help me or support a view as contradictory as the one I left behind. Because I was away, that did not stop the love however something else did. And now what kicks in?,  the knowledge gained when I was away.

Has blue sky thinking now become something that needs political assurance because a red sky does not exist in the same day at times?

And it needs to be separated at all cost because we are guided by the creators hand and because we follow those gifts that every band of light has its kind in the electromagnetic spectrums. Which is not in everyone?

I had no answers then and to be honest I don’t know if I have any now if I would want to say. My thinking was strange to most then and has become more strange now. Full of doubters and whatever else.

If and it is a big if I get annoyed and direct my anger or annoyance to any one particular sect, who should get it?, to keep the belief in….

Oh there are many religions to choose or wait maybe its a theory or sacred this or that which has not been written about a long time before.

Oh wait lived experience wants to keep  information to living memory  like nothing existed before?

Oh don’t go too deep I might go what? into a world of new catchphrases to debunk the last, that i could not fathom? Some people really want stuff and to a degree I agree but wholly support, I don’t know about that!!!!

Power has responsibilities so they say and the pace of change will have effect on more than those narrow minded views that still think because I am financially beneath them I must be, or because I am coloured I must be. Or you don’t, so you must be.

Oh just be? Have you heard of it……..

You have no blah blah blah. So I strive on to doing blah blah blah because it was what, written? How long ago and still has not happened, oh wait, is that one of those and might well be another of those tools of a structure to do what, keep you in your place while speaking about change.

Taking the …. comes to mind,  should I start that religion and see who keeps popping up trumps……. just to see who does or doesn’t know themselves or rather the box there fighting. Oh wait I think that’s the political elite or one of the other elites they talk a sense that ensures another generations dreams are smashed but there will always be more because people can’t stop…….,, and if they don’t we will force them because some are to posh to push so they will choose I don’t what that particular trait.

Children of the 60s get looked after by those who when they are 60 will be looked after by naive automatons? No, robots are not programmed to be naive but the programmer might well be…..

sick of just finding faults lines because something smashed by someone stays buried so the ones who has been waiting in the wings to just put in there pile and called it their own. Joke not interested and I used to be so jovial I must be depressed talk to some one……. And they won’t take it personally?

In theory Plato might have called me a nutter because I showed him a product messing with one of his shapes, sorry two. Beyond any lived experience but mine and those willing to say so too.

I guess he Plato saw those pyramids, maybe those builders would call me mad too or a sellout!!!!

A friend told me that the form was timeless even if it ends up being called something else, thank you!


conflicts in the image viewer but recognise

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