Strange in more ways than one

I was asked when I had created the 3D geometric shape to find a name for it. Not an easy task in reality. However recent applications and failures to classify exactly  what it is beyond the form as I perceived it,  made me realise that the name I chose or at least promoted, might be best suited to a lesser promoted form I created which although 3D and flat to my eyes.

Which was named not based on its look or outward appearance but more for its function. Which without question was a creation made uniquely, to aid the creation of the polyhedron I call Hexatrigon . But if I break it down the lesser known form into it’s obvious parts,  which although unmarked was indeed used for the express purpose of needing multiple Hexagons and triangles by hand with some precision quicker and with less circles:-) to create the net to be folded.

I can assure you of one thing I would not be in this situation without Hexatrigon tool (a) with hindsight!)  “Made to aid” or Hexatrigons (b) 12 point 3d form)  “blue sky thinking”  in cardboard.

Or have the digitally aided reproductions above in solid mediums and a candle (see wick above the a in tessellated),  which is one version and material of the shape pictured from above.

Hexatrigon and me are….

Lost in explanations, translations, but firm in the belief of them as the objects in themselves.

In need of  more skills than I currently possess and probably much more than that…..

The featured image has two metal blanks without markings/ engravings that when created in cardboard never possessed. Are there to show where the hexagon ends and the triangle begins. The singular shape can be rotated or reversed for use with one of the other sides or angles to complete either of the two regular polygons or one much larger triangle depending on use. Or just be straight edges unhindered by a blade….

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