Some things although simple paved a way for what has lead us to where we are now. Silver and cotton, pictured via an artificial lense reads in reverse   Not that it can not be turned the other way around…. With a mirror and the reflection it shows, may or may not be true to the observer. Although that could be viewed as selfish it … Continue reading Reflections

Not funny or clever

when I used my visual arts to inform my consciousness I had to use other people’s knowledge to inform my own. At that time what I discussed was had a premise that although long established had its faults. However time has past and now if those words that when compiled said something is it my fault that back then before I moved on, people used … Continue reading Not funny or clever

Strange in more ways than one

I was asked when I had created the 3D geometric shape to find a name for it. Not an easy task in reality. However recent applications and failures to classify exactly  what it is beyond the form as I perceived it,  made me realise that the name I chose or at least promoted, might be best suited to a lesser promoted form I created which … Continue reading Strange in more ways than one

It is no idea

Custom Regular polyhedron with spheres on its vertices in the upper right  corner. If the giants whose shoulders were stood on left nothing behind maybe then there would be no idea. To accept something and because of ….. it is not recognised…. and if it is it can not be changed because of….. Just realised that February was the month that linked the past and … Continue reading It is no idea