tech neurosis

An old issue arose yesterday. Back in the days when google was in its infancy getting a email was just the norm for me at least. The domain address issues that followed which seemed long winded to me was whether having to type or At that time not wholly within their grasp it did not seem worth stressing about. Influence in their buying … Continue reading tech neurosis

data, privacy, heatlh,future

I have choices to make. whether i trust or not? original image in which I still have choices to make only this needs to be viewed in person! It will not shake my perspective but give me some. I can not change the past and will only champion the movements but I have a bias. Not ignorance Continue reading data, privacy, heatlh,future

now for something else

This image is not factual it attempts with without much success to try and show how the internal space can be and expanded upon with the addition of a capsule, which if it was hollow with internal openings it would open up the internal space of the heaxtrigon which is naturally tapered to a point. The floating circular shape could encompass  the form below, like … Continue reading now for something else


With divisions a plenty as a structure of governance which by default sounds socialist with the need for economy stability. How many socialist examples around the world shine a sustainable light? In my opinion all those divisions uniting is the impossibility. Arguably the extremes are closer to each other in many ways . A triangular top down approach is well known if it does not … Continue reading ?