Democracy, Brexit, Globalisation and madness

If leaving the EU means Brexit which in the name of democracy was voted for and succeeded. Why is the deal that has been produced unpalatable? I don’t hear anybody wanting to vote for a No Deal scenario.

If the deal is worst that what was their previous to Brexit was better, what was the point of Brexit? And then why is no one supporting the Prime minister if she indeed does present a scenario that does prevent a No deal scenario.

The unrest that is reported happening in certain European countries  seems to be be a result of structures that penalises those below them to justify their own needs.

My experience in wanting to address certain issues of a particular stance meant that from my perspective I could not see any collective unity that itself did not have divisions.

To accept divisions as normal my question is then from what elevation are those decisions made and informed?

Decisions I made sees difference in one place, That position may well be delusional or well meaning? Should that then mean I should follow the path of madness to institute a reality to impose on others?

From where the term madness came from it was understood that they were separated for a reason. The forms of  that reasoning then became something that happen there in that place where madness lives.

Where is that path back to sanity when madness is the norm for everyone?

Experience is something everyone has like perspective.

But arr are all experiences and perspectives the same?

Even a term like depression suggests a more elevated state. Yet to search for a balance and to maybe achieve it and to sustain that position. That line of representation breaks the wave along an imaginary line.

mind fields 2

Without that line we are all lost in the ups and downs or rounds and arounds.

Is it certain that ‘madness’ imagines? Or is it that it is just their reality we have to live with without question?



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