This Morning

After watching the inquisition of the prime minister in regards to a deal that has actually be recognised by the EU as something they can agree on. With nothing else on the table to agree or not disagree on. I find that what I have made and not observed and the observers not even having the decency to respond in kind. Like that concept elusive … Continue reading This Morning


Objects are described by an observer, how  many beloved descriptions don’t talk back? And if they do, to ignore them as though they don’t exist or are some where “out there” on the other side of comprehension is standard. The objective of class based morality that knows no sin like cloud base technology that know no wires is quite contradictory   Continue reading Enlighten

mind, is it your own?

In the pursuit of a more rounded understanding of the unconscious or the structure of desire. When what is perceived by others overshadows ones own position without a recognition of the falsehoods present within certain rituals/ customs/ may well be the cause of their undoings. Knowing that in oneself without ignorance is trying enough. This position underpins much of what has made sense to many … Continue reading mind, is it your own?

Democracy, Brexit, Globalisation and madness

If leaving the EU means Brexit which in the name of democracy was voted for and succeeded. Why is the deal that has been produced unpalatable? I don’t hear anybody wanting to vote for a No Deal scenario. If the deal is worst that what was their previous to Brexit was better, what was the point of Brexit? And then why is no one supporting … Continue reading Democracy, Brexit, Globalisation and madness


‘Just do it‘ is a message that has associations. I did it and every one wants to know what’s the  part it is used for. I did create a simple candle holder which fits in the internal space within the frame versions of hexatrigon that due to the companies that i have been using no longer work with 3d ceramics the picture below not only … Continue reading Messages