When wresting to convince myself and those around me of the possibility to produced what I term “blue sky thinking” ie Hexatrigon. The responses I received were all about a part and what will it be? I agreed but you can ignore something just to make a thing was the square secondary to the square box ?

In my eyes just the realisation of a creation new to not only them but the world would be something of note.  Those words make no sense in todays world my flippant response in both anger and frustration was indeed at the very least when produced in metal which gave it weight could be a ‘ paperweight’. Nearing the end of my finances before the production issues connected to the shape. I looked into some kind of protection in business terms which without issues I assumed about intellectual property and how it is compromised when not producing 3d model at home. Those fears have not yet been realised which I am extremely grateful for. However the flippant comment has more business credence than I gave it credit. It indeed can have a patent under those intentions but not those terms. The legal professions where happy offer help at a price which when you have no finances to flutter are useful but redundant.

When all hope is lost, low and behold copyright and its global reach come to my rescue my vulnerability, but in terms of things falling out of copyright they indeed fall prey to benefits of 3d printing.

Although paperweights maybe a thing of the past in the digital age I still imagine the possibility of a non platonic regular polyhedron resting on forward thinking business peoples desks wherever they maybe. While I will be trying to dream up the part the form is destined to be, alone I hope not but who knows the future. It would be a shame to keep it from the world.

A chance encounter reminded me of the reality of oil and its wealth. maybe unfashionable to the eco world but it is a reality. Other forms of finding fuel close to home are more destabilising to home owners but when globalisation stops working for everyones benefits what else is left? I wonder if the those same oil people are hedging their bets on the eco / technological advances and that way of thinking/ producing?

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