Once upon a time

Trust was a sacred custom, it stopped one from acting out when the circle was too close to have perspective. Jealously, ignorance and foul play meant that because you did something in the past that it has to have influence on the present. It seem fine to help someone because you can and then because of the reality that some one has some leverage over you due them being their first to give you the hand that turns on you. Feelings is not a custom that has led the 21st century to accept others. It was more about cost, and struggles more than anything else. To keep them quiet or to cast judgement or that they keep their job as…….. Does that then mean because you have more you have wisdom.  So no mistakes have ever been made? When living history has there not been the concept of rich? And was it not the richest man that the child told the emperor that he had no clothes on.

What happen to that child? Did he then change the world with the teachings or did society beat it out of him with madness and trickery……….. Maybe that is another tale from old waiting for a return

Or maybe the listeners and watchers who know because something is going to change keep the veil over others eyes. To teach them a lesson……  Fables, misgivings and pixie  spirits, ghost and gins, genies that from the bottom of the garden or teapot.Me thinks its wandering hand therefore people. Compulsions knows its habit SS.


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