compromises and structure

In theories of the Pysche, Psychoanalysis, come from different orientations or schools of thought. When outside of that knowledge base can cause conflicts that are extremely complicated to resolve. These conflicts have a history in terms of reference to their originators and where they claim their ‘heritage’ for want of a better word which undoubtably exists. Their structure of observation is crucial to its practice and its work. Having an insight into the development history helps to clarify alternative positions, oppositions and variants.

My lack of clinical practice had led to profound confiicts in conversation/ seminars, not to speak of the ologies.

A concept that involves in some way a knowledge that ultimately has some electrical stimulation,  not taking into account the articulations of said school of thought.


Which wave i wonder? Mind fields(My words) but not my imagery sourced from the web.

light from darkness from light

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