carry on regardless

A new attempt is being made at a this model above with a larger diameter, . Looks / screens can be deceptive

The initial diameter of this model was attempting to reflect the defined vertices as that of a solid planed hexatrigon. It’s construction proved to be a problem via metal printing, which proved to be a step too far with a 1.5mm diameter.

Maybe i should have initially created some fake news around this possibility seems to be the meme of our times…

“ What a difference spheres makes”

3d model image

That quote is not be used in opposition it is a genuine attempt by myself to respect an education and a belief in oneself and the progress of things I once had very strong feeling for that became drown in dogma. That said it is not the first experience in the past where assumptions made on my knowing was questioned by misplaced observations.

life sized custom printed 3d model in titanium in front of Unique custom printed card


Should I carry on that ignorance or reveal the cracks in the mirror……..s for the better! But for who’s benefit?

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