Attempting to create some value regardless

One thing my studies did inform me off was the importance of vision. Whether that be a mark on a page or what your perception turns it into. That was the realm of art and design. Other studies not only gave me a insight into that thinking but also it’s  conditioning.

The camera obscura was one of the pictorial apparatus used to reflect the structure of new studies only to the point that its aperture positioned the point of view literally. Like other fields of knowledge that demand a fixed position of observation, highlighting the domain that is visible through the aperatus setup to observe. Made to aid was created to make hexatrigon a reality in cardboard, that led to balsa wood and ultimately and understanding that could be transferred to a digital reality.

Domains are often defined by boundaries at least that is one way to look at it another is ownership, rights, etc. Imagine the pitfalls ahead with digital advances of the internet and privacy issues that override certain borders. Free speech anyone….

3mm hole
reproduced by laser cutting


a need for reproduction via 3D printing

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