supposed to work

I went to college to learn. This involved understanding rules which whether public knowledge or not were relevant.  Assumptions by external others clouded that experience to the point that when being myself words from “those with authority” made a mockery of these studies.

Does the fact that those in authority have any clarity in informing those who they look upon with any meaningful knowledge. Books inform but that is not all if it is not in a book it seems to lack relevance that others can clearly comprehend. A proper gander may highlight falsehoods inherent in its (the books) wording.

Shame is when ones belief stops where does the desire to provide meaning sprout?, especially when you may want give a helping hand with a straight face that looks you in the eye

Does work define everything that matters even when it doesn’t work? Who teaches that or are we destined to produce more hot air …………ECECB9F3-9433-4FC0-99CF-38A20EE7E873

Understand more from

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