Made to aid

Creativity born from observation in action

Creativity knows no bounds yet we are bounded on the path to expression by factors born of observations. Made to aid.

This perspective can apply to many things that are and have not yet been created or found, but in this case it is how precise the nature of circles made with a compass need to be in order to produce multiple hexagons.  In making Hexatrigon a reality in the various hand made forms I created and posted about, the above creation was an essential tool that before which mis alignments were more certain. If one only knew what is required prior to conception mistakes would be a thing of the past, or at least less frequent.

I could attempt to express observations learnt from the process of doing multiple hexagons in balsa wood and cardboard,  that reflects the nature of the life form that utilise the hexagonal shape but their benefits are sweet enough as they are, and they aid us all.

Custom titanium print


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