Pushing Boundaries

Turning something in the mind into something that has form takes skill, technique and expertise. Even that in itself is not always enough.

As technology changes it brings advantages and causes disadvantages. It may be able to create from different processes outside of typical printing, methods I have spoken about in earlier post. Unbeknownst to me at that time they were actual processes that are used to bring some creations to life. Those being casting and 3D printing and me assuming that they were different in terms of history and therefore separate, which they may well be, are not strangers within the printing world or even the casting world. iI’s just one becomes both primary and secondary at different stages of the creative process.


Imagine a form once created can be scanned then reproduced. It can be moulded and then cast. The material in which the cast is made is age old. But the form of a 3D print in wax which is then cast or a 3D print in a mixed components which is then used modelled in wax to then be cast is a technological advancement.

To print in metal directly has always for me from first hearing about it sparked my interest. It is definitely not age old. New or original is relative and subjective but once in a while they both coincide.

This image is of an object that even though I created pushes the boundaries in production terms via metal printing

In a multidimensional future where things are unlikely to achieve unity, is the notion of joining of different points a new norm? Or is it one form within another?

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