50 shades of Grey between data and privacy

I question whether it is better to leave things in the dark or whether under the right circumstances they indeed should be brought into the light.  This topic also raises in me notions of trust in both inanimate things and people, linked but not prescribed.

The image pictures notions of rest and relations in states of safety. The only thing to link these images is me however the only people to have seen connected material I leave open, all I can say is I no longer have that material and it is a shame!!

The theme that made these strings coalesce is ‘Echoes of love’. One spawn a conversation moving in its delivery and its content, which i had recorded was removed from the many hard drives in which I put it without me erasing it, all that remains most literally is a picture of a white teapot!!

However the time experienced drinking tea out of that particular pot is not forgotten. (God bless Him and Her!)  It spoke of love for one who was no longer around and that their loss having a darkness that was taken to the grave. Not to speculate at what that was or recount a tale I would have rather be spoken in their own words all I will say is that war was at its heart.

Ironic that they may have been based at the place where the picture second teapots were taken. I did not realise that. What I did realise was I like /love tea and I I drank tea out of those pots. So in an echo of my love for those lost experiences I would one again say “make Tea not War” its not as if there has not been enough of it over the same substance over time.


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