Somewhere between reality and science fiction

Not my image but reflects the 3 dimensional potential of the hexagon

I am interested in technology and futuristic ideas but it has just come to my attention that the moving gif I posted earlier was inspired by a gaming freturnatity who wanted a solar panel system for use in their platform. In conjunction with that I did read an article about miniature hexagonal solar panels being created by Stanford university imitating the eyes of bees.

Who knows if it is the same people who’s ideas do indeed make it into real outer space.

Hexatrigon was created before I saw any of the above mentioned information and the struggle for me was to bring it into reality. Inspiration being graphene/carbon.

I felt that I could place some of these  hexagonal solar panels of the planes on my shape and capture the sunlight wherever it may be. There is some symmetry to the form. In order to power what? I DONT KNOW! It just could.

I know it the shape is not an actual element but for what I was originally trying to communicate which was the way things are actually connected I feel I met my goal. Really the form is real as far as I am concerned platonic or not. Ready to communicate 21st century concepts? I believe so, strange but true yes indeed!

Images of hexatrigon with some laser precision “printing” to achieve the best results are a real possibility. No planes on this version though😊

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