Somewhere between

Mind the gap, as said on London Underground. But it could well be one of the most common element unrecognised in all aspects of life.

No thing is perfect and (if so it’s subjective), the best you can do is the best you can do.

Although those gaps/ cracks or pitfalls, we may fall into give reason to, at the very least get out of them or get something out of them.

See below how the gaps can allow for some scale to be acknowledged. Whether that be accuracy, scalability or quality there needs to be a frame for reference. The start, the mass, the colour, the cast, the  dark or light


In a polarised reality where things are placed in opposition. The two distinct parts may have ” certainty” by way of the space between or the differences. What may I ask gives outer space meaning if not the bodies that are great distances from each other but without would them have less significance to observation.


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