Wants and needs. I need trusted people to not only work with but converse with. If ones principles are not a valuable commodity even in the site of a potential clear and present danger faced by people who have had their own experiences / memories that govern their perceived sceptical positions often has a reason. There is not one historical European power that has had … Continue reading Desires

Lines of investigation

When using 3D modelling software I found that triangulation made more planes on one face of the shape than there actually was, for example in creating one hexagonal face I found that the process would create one rectangle and two triangles that would present two distinct lines running through the hexagonal face. The complete shape outline would be shown but it would have more closed … Continue reading Lines of investigation

Without a name the experience remains

It was a revealing point for when the visual background I which I had was forbidden in learning psychoanalysis that left me at odds with most of what I once knew. In situating myself again I used my visual skills to try and introduce something different but not necessarily new Mi Luv yu bad, depending on how you looked at it. However by trying to … Continue reading Without a name the experience remains