A Post modern proper-gander not fake news

Something old (trainers), something new (image), something borrowed (understanding), nothing blue except the sky which could be filled with nuclear fall out, its five minutes to midnight (by nuclear clock) And the world is asleep. Oh if only every time I hear the terms Air & JORDAN it could be as favourable as when I used to …….: A wedding of terms, words and global … Continue reading A Post modern proper-gander not fake news

Natural cultural appropriation?

Tessellated natural beeswax hexatrigons with a image sourced from just fun facts, thanks! Can you really believe in 21st century a ‘little mix’ of culture is so disruptive? I am talking about a radio station I listen to discussing a singer from a group called little mix who is sporting a dreadlock hairstyle. If I am correct I believe a little wax can help dreads … Continue reading Natural cultural appropriation?

Re: Between Data & Privacy 50 shades of grey

I am drawn to make an association between what I envisaged too far removed from me to comment. However the knowledge of fetish and the structure of Perversions is not. What actually falls into the realms of mass consumption does cross my path occasionally. And if it seems to venture into what could be called an aberration. A voice or voices will respond. It does … Continue reading Re: Between Data & Privacy 50 shades of grey

Here’s to the Power of Reading – The Lacanian Review

It’s been a year since Trump was elected and the President remains highly active in the social media. In a mere year he posted over 2,500 tweets that were more in keeping with his threatening, segregating or arrogant behavior than with political openness. Is this what we are looking to read? Hardly. But Trump is… — Read on http://www.thelacanianreviews.com/heres-to-the-power-of-reading/ Continue reading Here’s to the Power of Reading – The Lacanian Review

Who cares?

If the growing position on what was once known as the NHS is becoming more divided and health is being taken literally as a modus operandi. Did that same institution not use to ‘care’ either for the health of its patients or their staff? If so where and who has the most expertise to care about what is social in the business of caring? If … Continue reading Who cares?

Blues in the sky in which I am thinking

With the traditional day of love approaching I find myself at odds with what I thought to be unconditional that being love. For whatever reason the way that love often has to fit into preordained patterns is on one hand ‘ traditional’ and on the other ignorant. I say this as the heads of ignorance is on the rise and it seems to be happening … Continue reading Blues in the sky in which I am thinking

Like love they are stronger together.

Cardboard Hexatrigons with folds and a slit or two. No tape/ glue/ or any other adhesives working together to support a cast iron kettlebell. This was the limitations I faced when attempting to assess whether the shape I created had any structural advantages over aesthetics in regards to its size and material. As mentioned in a previous post I am not a scientist but graphene … Continue reading Like love they are stronger together.