What It did

I sent emails in good faith to lecturers, to universities, friends and maybe foes. Requesting aid. A time to ignore and a time to engage? Past Because it was not in a book? Doubt? Fair enough. However as a cause of it creation and its effects, on my thinking  maybe it is too much to ask to seek further  ……. ? Continue reading What It did

Both shine a light

And have mattter and have a message for me at least. To elaborate I have made reference to conflicts of interest. This was in reference to some imagery that I posted some time ago. Whether or not it was chance or not who knows. I can say with some clarity that I had posted something physical by the time I got them. I use to … Continue reading Both shine a light

Had to mention

This is the closest I get to Twitter these days. Remember prohibition…. https://amp.theguardian.com/technology/2019/aug/13/teen-smart-fridge-twitter-grounded On the flip side https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/black-hole-flashes-unprecedented-star-galaxy-sagittarius-a-sgr-a9056241.html?amp Continue reading Had to mention

Last night

When reminiscing on fail equipment I watch the lastest trends in Web 3.0 i kept seeing shapes that in my isolation know have some associated parts. However I think other that the files that I may be working with and their non localised base are the only thing I use that could be a bridge. i don’t like speaking to my iPhone I have for … Continue reading Last night

Grab CAD

Who knows where something may lead or where ideas come from. But when one is not able to contact those who can make advances. What can you do? Some seem to use their influence in monetary ways just so you follow suit. This image is in not real in any sense and other than the shape there is no connection to me. But the thought … Continue reading Grab CAD

Changes nothing but see for yourself

It may well be time to take stock of events. When I look to what is missing just to put customprints-images.co.uk back to where I know things were working. Even I I no longer make any more posts. What is missing? How much relevance may it have? i happened  to take a few screenshots. Before knowing the ppst would disappear. Plugin conflicts or information It … Continue reading Changes nothing but see for yourself

Think it’s funny

How may I ask is it possible to have passwords and such logged into a browsers on multiple devices. Then backed up that way, suddenly be in a position that the login no longer works and in order to gain access I must adjust a setting that was on a page that was saved. And the passwords that are known don’t work because the site … Continue reading Think it’s funny