it was not intentional

I seemed to have misplaced my sawdust and glue piece I painted red, it is the one that is the browser logo with the leaf which was done last year the last time I worked with the silicone. The leaf I still have but it is no longer green. Anyway this post concerns a recent use of the mould which was with some plaster which … Continue reading it was not intentional

I received a recomendation.

An academic paper between different stands. I will not even contemplate. Why because the nature of discourse suggests that to describe my logo without the terms I have used would involve an aspect of academic study which cause the split between academia and myself. It is not that I have not moved on since that episode however nothing since has given grounds for an advancement. … Continue reading I received a recomendation.

before I post a link anywhere

I have just watched a webinar where the discussion was of electric vehicles, Alright it was from a US perspective however, After hearing about royal mail it is somewhat concerning as who is going to take up that slack. I hate to think that because I created something different it means the end of so much. But was it my fault? I think not. After … Continue reading before I post a link anywhere

Somewhere in the ether for now at least

I tried to address an issue with a file for ads yesterday. It has been an on going issue for a while now and I did not know what it was. I did have the file on show for all to see but that was not the right way as that was the on going issue. Finally understood what was required of me from my … Continue reading Somewhere in the ether for now at least